Liz Cheney Attacks MSNBC Top To Bottom Except For Dr. Rachel Maddow?

Posted: Saturday, October 17, 2009 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , , , ,

Liz Cheney has started a political group to give the appearance of legitimacy to the tired old narritave that she's been reciting since her father's much anticipated term in office came to an end. She has ironically named her pet project "Keep America Safe," whose sole purpose is to rally opposition to the Obama administration's national security policies while promoting the stunning failures of the Bush administration.

The group's first project was a web ad attacking MSNBC and asserting that they're afraid to debate her on the "substance" of national security policy. You'd sware that the Cheney's have never owned a VCR or hadn't a clue what a DVR or TIVO was because they say things as if nobody will remember them saying something to the contrary a week, a month, or even a year earlier.


The web ad produced by Ms. Cheney's group is devoted to making the case that Obama's reversal of Bush policies is radical and dangerous. The ad bashes Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews as "afraid" to debate her on the "substance" of national security policy. The ad airs footage of Olbermann, Matthews, and Ed Schultz mocking the announcement of her group, and concludes:

"Why don't they want to talk substance? Why are they panicked? Why don't they want to debate the issues?"

The implication being, of course, that MSNBC is running scared from Ms. Cheney. It did not go un-noticed that while Ms. Cheney's ad was calling out Olbermann, Matthews, and Schultz, it doesn't say shit about the lovely and talanted Dr. Rachel Maddow whose criticism of everything that even rhymes with 'Cheney" overshadows the mild criticism of her "fellow" MSNBC counterparts.
Rachel has invited Liz Cheney onto her show many, many times, and yet, Cheney has declined every opportunity. Gee that's funny....why doesn't Liz Cheney want to talk substance? Why doesn't she want to debate the issues with Dr. Maddow


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