"The American People" A Rant By Chico Brisbane

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"The American People"

I have forever been weary of people that preface a sentance with "the bible says" and I am now adding the preface "the American people want" or "the Amercian People believe" to that list or worrisome prefaces.

Tonight after listening to Sen. Blanche Lincoln give a well structured speech on the floor of the Senate about not caring about re-election or the legacy of a president, but rather her constituants. Arkansans who are without healthcare and those that do have healthcare, but are either in or on the verge of bankruptcy due to health care claims denied by their provider.

Sen. Lincoln's speech was followed by Sen. Mitch McConnell who decided to speak on behalf of "ALL AMERICANS" and like Sarah Palin, proceeded to mis-speak, mis-represent, distort facts and flat out lie.

The Republican Party, for the most part, has been a miserable failure during the Bush Years. It's like a brutal crime scene with DNA splattered all over the place.

They have expended so much time and effort systematically cleansing the military of gays that they never considered the potential threat of the alarming growth rate of muslims across all branches of the Armed Forces of The United States of America. Well...not until Ft. Hood turned into a midway shooting gallery.

I find that to be a stunning oversight for a party that was actively waging war on muslim extremist around the world. HELLOOOOOOOO! - You have to swear to God and your country to be a God Damn Cub Scout in the country, yet an edited oath to include the word "GOD" to also mean Allah for muslims was A-Okay to join the Army and be issues a uniform and a mother fucking rifle! - Are you shittin' me with this! -

UGH! - That's all I have to say about that! I'm very very disappointed in the Republican Party. You know what! - I can only think of a handful of people who were outspoken against these wars before they even got started and thank God that the loudest among them is now The President.

Chico Brisbane


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