Audi Commercial Trashes Christmas & Jesus

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I sent the following e-mail off to Audi a week after seeing this commercial. I'm not sure what they were thinking, but I'm sure that many were offended .

I still have not recieved a response. I'm sure one will be along sooner or later. Maybe I should have attached the video too.

Audi of America, Inc.
2200 Ferdinand Porche Drive
Herndon, VA. 20171

1-800-822-2834 (AUDI)

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to you in regards to the most offensive television commercial that I have ever seen. Many companies spend more advertising dollars during Christmas to produce television ads specifically for the holiday season. I am not one of those who is opposed to the commercialization of the Christmas and New Year holiday season because after all, we are a capitalist society.

I get it, I understand that. Some commercials are funny, charming, serious, and thought provoking, yet all are designed to promote the product or service of the advertiser. Coca-Cola, Campbell's Soup, McDonalds, and Hallmark Cards are just a few examples of corporate advertisers that do a good job of producing funny, charming, serious, and though provoking holiday commercials that celebrate Christmas first while similtaniously promoting thier products as an afterthought.

So, your commercial plays upon the timeless compitition between neighbors to have a better Christmas light display and that's funny and charming! - You where off to a good start up to that point. However, where your commercial took a shocking, sudden, and hateful turn when one neighbor decided not to put up a single Christmas light. In lieu of taking part in the celebration of the birth of baby Jesus by displaying Christmas lights, you suggest buying an Audi and simply turning on the headlights in your driveway.

At the conclusion of the commercial, a robotic monotone voice asserts that the best lights in the neighborhood are not those that families spend hours together decorationg their homes, but rather the headlights of an Audi vehicle.

Really? - If you really love Jesus, you won't waste time decorating your house with your family. You can just go and buy an Audi and park it in your driveway with the headlights turned on. Afterall, according to your commercial, this is what it will take to "Have the best lights in the neighborhood."

I hope you will understand where your commercial went terribly wrong. I'm not sure what the intent of your commercial was, but it was not funny or charming. If anything, it was thought provoking and not in a good way.

GOOD JOB! - If your advertising agency has any other bright ideas, it might behoove you to review them for hidden messages before they hit the airwaves.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Years

Chico Brisbane.

P.S. What Would Jesus Drive?


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