Fox News Karl Rove Criticize Obama's Response

Posted: Wednesday, December 30, 2009 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , , ,

Once again The Fox News Channel calls upon former Bush White House adviser Karl Rove to offer a selective memory analsys about President Barack Obama's response to the failed bombing abord an airliner bound for Detroit on Christmas Day. Most laughable was that Rove's outrage that Obama waited 72 hours before making his first public statement regarding the incident. Rove's spin might garner high-fives around the trailer parks where Fox Viewers gather around their bootleg satallite hookups, he seems to have forgotten that on December 22, 2001 during Bush's watch, Richard Reid who is infamously known as the show bomber - failed in his attempt to blow up a Miama bound jet with explosives hidden in his shoe. This was just 4 months after the Bush Administration ignored credible intelligance that became a gree light for the September 11th Trade Center attact. Nevertheless, President Bush did not directly address the foiled plot for 6 days and you can't help wondering that if Rove thinks that 72 hours was too long for Obama to respond. What in the hell were Rove and Bush doing all God Damn day that it took nearly a frickin' week before Bush got around to making a public statment on the foiled shoe bomber incident.

With Fox News trying to high-jack Time-Warner Cable by seeking an increace in fees of up to 300% - The lack of other cable networks asking for anything close to that, it's obvious that these fee increases are a direct result of the damage that Glenn Beck has done by driving advertisers away from his bi-polar, racist, hate speech. I've written Time Warner a letter authorizing them to increase my single cable bill by 300% if they'll just drop Fox Cable Network and their local affiliets. I would gladly pay
$267 per month to see that happen. Hopefully I'm not alone.


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