Glenn Beck's Red Phone To The White House

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I'm finding it hard to watch Glenn Beck these days. Now Glenn Beck is fully aware that his RED PHONE to the White House is just a stunt and that of course the White House isn't going to call him.

Everyday he whines about the White House not calling and then spins the lack of a phone call as an assumption that they must be afraid to call. That's when it occur ed to me that there must really be a percentage of Beck viewers out there that truly believe that the red phone is real.

Every night Glenn lifts up the receiver and says "I sure wish the White House would call, but I doubt that they will." - It's a tiresome dialog that Beck uses to say one thing, but to do it in a way that leaves him wiggle room to distance himself form his own words should he need to at a later date. Hannity does the same thing and it's noticeable when they start to replace answers with questions and say one thing that is immediately cancelled out by the next and here are a few examples.

"Mr. President, just tell us the truth, that's all we're asking for, we're not sure that we'll believe you, but..."

"Is it just me, or do most Americans believe that..."

Tonight Beck played another game of connect the dots which always seems to make perfect sense to him. I think if you look back at every administration they all didn't just meet on day one. These people have connections that go back years and even decades. Glenn is taking a stroll down memory lane.

He asserts that "The Government" will control speech, innovation right down to the Chia Pet and they'll tell you how to make them and what they should look like. You have to notice the irony of Glenn Beck saying these things while claiming that the First Amendment is under attack. He is forever going on and on about the original founders and how Thomas Jefferson would be proud of the Tea Parties.

Thomas Jefferson wouldn't have very much time to be proud of anything once he found out that a Black man was President of The United States. He'd have a heart, he'd have a survivable heart attack but die because what does Thomas Jefferson know about 911 and Life Alert? - What does he know of a world where travel that once took days, now takes minutes.

What do any of the founders know about an America that has progressed far beyond the capabilities of their simple minds. Because Beck is trying to propagandize an under-educated and unsophisticated segment of his viewing audience, he's going to resort to a little revisionist history for folks that don't know shit from shinola.

This is where Beck does a real injustice to the framers of our constitution. Taking these men, who were undoubtedly very smart men in their time and trying to insert their memory and their ideologies into a 21st century America would do what? - These men would be lost! - They could speak about very little and they'd understand even less.

I understand that Beck has some serious emotional baggage and it's no secret that there is some mental health issues coming from the maternal side of his DNA. I get it! - I get the uncontrollable crying! - I get the rationalizations that it has to do with love for his country when it doesn't! - I get it! - I've been down that road before. "Taking a trip, not taking a trip! - One day at a time, easy does it!" I get it.

I completely understand Becks fascination with wanting to go back to those simpler times when everything was easy. When moms where home-makers and they all wore dressed and aprons and there there at home to greet the kids everyday after school. Those days when girls went straight from their fathers house to their husbands house.

But just because Glenn is all fucked up in the head doesn't mean that I or anyone else should just sit by and let him get the fucktards of America all pumped up by telling them that the Obama Administration and progressives are actively working in concert to "collapse" the American economy. - He just tosses words like Marxist, Socialists, Radical, Communist for nothing more the sensationalism.

Where are these meetings taking place? - If the government is going to do what Glenn Beck says that they are already doing, remember? - He said that he wished that it wasn't true. and that he's laid awake in bed all not trying to convince himself that it isn't true, but that it is. Well....I want some names. Tell us who has openly called for the collapse of the the US economy? - Just tell us the truth Glenn! - We probably won't believe you but..."

Chico Brisbane


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