Fox News Ties Missle Defense Logo To Obama, Russia, And Islam

Posted: Thursday, February 25, 2010 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , , , ,

Fox News posted a headline on the homepage of FoxNews.Com that left me with more questions then answers. The headline was about the new red, white, and blue logo for the Missile Defence Angency, but the text directly below the image read:

Missle Defense Angency's Web site features a new red, white and blue logo - described as 'scarily' similar to Obama's campaign logo, as well as the symbol of Islam.

Obviously this is manufactured news and just as intentional as all of the incorrect information that Fox News places on the chyron along the lower 3rd of the screen. That's where scandal ridden Republican's "mistakenly" get reported as Democrats as in the case of Sen. Mark Foley when news broke about him having a fondness for teenage boys. This didn't happen just once, but at least on three different ocassions during different segments regarding the discrased Republican Senator.
Fox has correctly reported North Carolina Governor Mark Sanford as a Republican, except during a Breaking News Alert when the disgrased Republican admitted spending Father's Day with his long term mistress in Argentina rather then with his wife and children.

I know that the "D" is right below the "R" on the keyboard, but come on! - There's also the famous "?" that Fox News uses when they want to make a statement by phrasing it as a question such as. Is Obama's policies leading America towards Socialism? People don't watch the news to be asked questions, they watch the news to have questions answered.

Jon Stewart recenty called out Fox News on this sort of trickery during an appearance on The O'Reilly Factor. The example that he gave to Billo was that this sort of sillyness was like saying:

"I'm not saying that your mom is a whore, I'm just saying that she sleeps with alot of men for money."

If you look at the text again below that image, it says that the logo is "described" as 'scarily' similar to Obama's campaign logo, as well as the symbol of islam. What it doesn't say is who is describing it that way. That information may have been in the story if you clicked on the link, but we'll never know now since it was taken down so quickly. Even if it did appear in the full story, that it important information even for teasr text below an image. If they're going to emphasize that the logo described as 'scarily' similar to something evil, you should say who is describing it that way.

I'm not saying that Fox News is staged, I'm just saying that it comes across as unbelievable as the Jerry Springer Show. It all seems to be intentionally made to look like a legitamate television news program like Reno 911 is supposed to look like an episode of COPS. That's all I'm saying.

Chico Brisbane


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  2. mark sanford is the gov of sc not nc

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