Dear President Obama: Incase I haven't said so lately, Thank You!

Posted: Tuesday, April 27, 2010 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , ,

Dear President Obama: Incase I haven't said so lately, Thank You!

Can we just take 10 minutes out of our busy lives to thank President Obama for stabalizing an economy that was in free-fall when he took office? -- Can we be thankfull to still have a thriving auto industry that had already been written off as a lost cause when President Obama took office? --

Can we now appreciate the value of programs like "Cash For Clunkers" that were reported by some in the conservative media as just another liberal handout. At the time, Fox News painted a narrative about the sudden downfall of the American auto industry as being due to poor craftsmanship, while totally ignoring the impact of the credit crisis.

How many folks went out and bought a Toyota due in part to The Fox News spin on the topic? - Perhaps watching Fox News is becomming alot like driving a Toyata....It's kind of fun and amusing at first, but not so much when you realize that you can't make it stop...

Anyway, Thank you President Obama for a job well done under such extraordinary circumstances. I am now more enthusiastic about President Obama being re-elected to a second term than I was in getting him elected in the first place. That is very extraordinary enthusiasm if I say so myself.

- Chico Brisbane


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