Police Captain Says Legalize All Drugs

Posted: Thursday, April 29, 2010 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: ,

I've heard some in the the Law Enforcement community say that marijuana should be legalized, but never have I heard a cop say fuck it! - Legalize all drugs. In the video below, Retired Police Captain Peter Christ talks to News 13 about the need to legalize and regulate drugs.

He makes a good point about how you can buy many drugs including morphine over the counter in Mexico. Yet the shootouts aren't happening in front of Mexican drug stores, they're happening here in the United States where these drugs are not only sold in the underground black markets, but on street corners by teenagers.

If we take an historic look back on the days of prohibition, those opposed to making alcohol legal said that everyone would become alcoholics. Of course that didn't happen so it makes sense that the legalization of marijuana in the United States won't turn everyone into pot heads. Besides, has anyone ever O.D.'d on marijuana? - Is it even possible. I suppose you could if you really tried, but that's a shit load of weed you'll need to smoke to kill yourself.

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  1. Davidoff said...
  2. Legalization will allow ANYONE to grow their own, which means there will be NO criminals selling it. Anyone with a brain can figure this out on their own. When it is illegal or "decriminalized", criminals will still be involved because it has massive value. Once everything is legal, the value drops dramatically, which means everyone can grow it in their backyards if they so choose. Wakeup people, these things will be used whether they are illegal or not. So why waste money putting people in jail over things they will use anyways. So dumb.

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