Sarah Palin Shares Her Immigration Policy Experience On Fox News

Posted: Wednesday, April 28, 2010 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , , ,

Have you ever been to an elementary school talent show and listened to a child sing so badly that you cringe at the noise coming from thier mouth? -- That's what it's like to watch Alaska's half-term former Governor Sarah Palin trying to make a point while sharing her pearls of wisdom on Fox News.

Was there not a single person available more knowledgable on the subject of immigration from a historical, as well as a current day standpoint? I'm sure there must have been, but I suppose you couldn't spin a topic Fox News style if you're discussing the issue with someone that knows what in the hell they are talking about.

Where is Sarah Palin's immigration policy experience? - Is it up there in the thin air where she keeps her foreign policy experience? - Is that it? -- Because she can see the border between Russia from Alaska from land in Alaska she's suddenly an expert on immigration. -- Really? -- I can see Mt. Baldy from my kitchen window, but that doesn't make me a mountian climber! -- So far the only conclusion that I can draw from the conservative talking points on "border security" is that Mexican's are smarter then Russians and Canadians? - Or the issue of "border security" only refers to the Mexican border and not those other borders between us and our fair complected neighbors to the north. Therefore, as far as Fox News is concerned -- "border security" only refers to the border between The United States and Mexico and the term "illegal immigrant" only refers to Mexicans.

As with all of Palin's tee-vee appearances, she tosses out a few buzz words about the topic at hand, but uses the majority of the segment to blast President Obama not for the bullshit she tries to claim, but to retaliate for the electorial bitch slapping he gave to her and John McCain back in 2008 -- This is textbook behavior for Sarah "The Retaliator" Palin. Just ask Trooper Wooten, or former Alaska Safety Comissioner Walter Monaghan, or the libraian back in Wasilla, or Levi Johnston. Ask anyone who has either questioned her authority, caught her in a lie, caused her any embarrassment due to no fault of thier own, or compeated against her and won. That's the sore spot that get's her bi-polar disorder enflamed like a scortching case of genital herpes. It's her strike zone and if your in it, she can't help herself. She has no choice but to attack regardless of how transparent her ture motives are.

Watch her and Sean Hannity try to get somebody to believe that a law that effects only one racial segment of society can be facilitated without racial profiling. That's like telling a dog catcher to go out and round up just the Chihuahua's, but you can't just stop an animal because it looks like a Chihuahua, or because it barks like a Chihuahua. You gotta catch it digging through trash cans first or trying to bite the postman. Then you can do whatever is necessary to determine that it is infact a Chihuahua and not someones licensed pet. If Arizona law enforcement officers are going to investigate citizenship or resident alien status of individuals already "suspected" of criminal activity, they are already mandated to optain valid identification from all persons detained regardless if they are booked into custody, or released with or without a citation.

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