Fox News Conspiracy Intended For Obama Hits Closer To Bush / Cheney

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There are three catagories people will fall into when it comes to conspiracy theories. The first is denial, the second is emphatic or even violent opposition, and the third is acceptance. Fox News has just floated the possibility of a conspiracy surrounding the oil spill and that it was deliberate. At least that's who the dialog began. SEE VIDEO BELOW:

Fox and Friends guest Dana Parino was the first to suggest that the oil spill was deliberate and Doocy quickly ramped up the rhetoric by introducing the word sabotage into the conversation. They made comparisons between Katrina and the oil spill and that "they" may have intentionally delayed a responce to the crisis and allow the oil to leak intentionally. If you listen closely to the video clip below, there is no other conclusion that can be drawn that the word "they" isn't in reference to BP, but rather the Obama Administration.

They said that "They waited 9 days to respond" and it's clear that they are not talking about BP because BP responded immediately to the explosion, the fire, and the employes that were still missing and unaccounted for. They did all of this without ever offering any motive whatsoever as to how the Obama Administration would benefit from deliberatly allowing the oil to spill unabated. Nevertheless, the conspiracy theory has been created and not just floated, but broadcast on live television.

Now some folks will fall into the first stage and deny that such a thing could possibly be true. The second stage of people will be opposed to such a theory and do everything they can to discredit the messenger. Then there will be the folk in that thrid stage that will accept it without question.

But here is some food for though when it comes to conspiracy theories. Right from the start a theory is nothing but a hypothetical supposition. Look at it this way. In theory, you can't win the lottery if you don't by a ticket. However, with the purchace of just one lottery ticket, your chances of winning are no longer a theory, but a possibility. With each ticket purchased the possibility of winning moves away from being just a possibility and closer to a probibility. Fox News has done a good job floating the concept of a conspiracy theory, but without any facts or evidence, it's just a theory. But if you can identify a potential suspect or suspects that took part in the conspiracy and outline how they will benefit from the outcome of the event, your supposition is no longer just a theory, but a possibility.

So how would the Obama Administration benefit from allowing this oil spill to increace in size or even take palce to begin with. The same could be said about British Petrolium. How would they benefit from deliberately creating the oil spill and allowing to grow larger? - I have yet to come up with a plausable motive that even exist withing the realm of possibility.

Everytime I ask start to make a list of people who could possibly benefit from this oil spill making it into the history books, George Bush and Dick Cheney are at the top of the list. Infact, they're not only at the top of the list, but rather the only names on the list. Go ahead and try to make a list of names of people who would benefit the most from this oil spill becoming a disaster that would make Hurricane Katrina look like nothing more then a bad hair day.

Now combine that fact with the fact that Dick Cheney is the former CEO of Halliburton, which is one of the companies that was contracted on that rig. Combine that with the fact that the explosion and fire errupted within hours of Halliburton performing their contracted task on that very rig. Combine that with the fact that one of the participants in the creation of the conspiracy theory that unfolded live on fox news is the former Press Secretary in the Bush / Cheney administration. Combine that with the fact that Bush and Cheny unquestionably benefit more and more as the oil spill gets bigger and bigger.

That's my theory, anyone got a better one?

Chico Brisbane


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