Glenn Beck Attacks Two Term, Democratic, Nobel Prize Winning Woodrow Wilson

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In recent months, Glenn Beck has gone from sitting behind his desk to walking aimlessly around his chalk boards and ranting to his audience in a rapid-fire sequence of kindergarten questions. Is his audience so politically unsophisticated that he has to phrase his comments as if he is talking to a classroom full of school children? - It's condescending to say the least, but apparently necessary for many of his viewers.

He now spends a majority of his hourly show jumping in the wayback machine and traveling back to the 19th. and early 20th. century to resurrect people that have been dead longer then anyone on earth has been alive. Yet somehow, he manages to trace a trail of breadcrumbs as evidence that his progressive conspiracy theories are hundreds of years in the making and that the evil plot is on the verge of fruition.

"The Boy Scouts were used by President Wilson to deliver his message door-to-door." Beck said today on his show.

Well, let's take a look at our 28th. president who Beck claims was so terrible, he was elected to a second term. Whatever history has to say about Wilson, both good and bad has little to do with Beck's desire to discredit his legacy. It has everything to do with Wilson being a two term democratic president who also happens to a Nobel Prize recipient. Barack Obama is already two-for-three with one presidential term and the Nobel Peace Prize already under his belt. That is the motivating factor behind Glenn Beck's attack on Wilson.

The fact of the matter is that Woodrow Wilson was a democrat like many other presidents and therefore it shouldn't be a surprise that along with a political ideology, be it conservative or liberal comes an agenda. The bottom line is that the legacy of a president has little to do with the state of the nation when he took office, but rather the state of the nation as he left office. Ahem! GEORGE W. BUSH (cough)

If Barack Obama is re-elected to a second term, what will that say about Glenn Beck's effectiveness after four years of painting our first minority president as everything from a racist to a Nazi? - It will say that just because you host the most watched political commentary show on tee-vee, it does not mean that everyone is watching because they subscribe to your ideology hook, line, and sinker. While Fox News may be the most watched cable news show, it is most certainly not the most trusted name on tee-vee news. If it were, vice-president Sarah Palin would be handing in her resignation right about now. Isn't that the point were she usually loses interest. You know, when it's not the shiny penny that it once was? - It's either that or the halfway point or when the next best thing comes along. The one thing that it isn't is "Country First" and that's for God Damn sure!

Woodrow Wilson was elected President as a Democrat in 1912. In his first term, Wilson persuaded congress to pass the Federal Reserve Act, The Federal Trade Commission, the Clayton Antitrust Act, and the Federal Farm Loan Act. He was re-elected in 1916 around the campaign slogan "he kept us out of the war", but U.S. neutrality was challenged in early 1917 when the German government proposed to Mexico a military alliance in a war against the U.S., and began unrestricted submarine warfare, sinking without warning every American merchant ship its submarines could find. Wilson in April 1917 asked Congress to declare war.

In 1917, he began the United States' first draft since the US civil war, raised billions in war funding through Liberty Bonds. National woman's suffrage was also achieved under Wilson's presidency. In the late stages of the war, Wilson took personal control of negotiations with Germany, including the armistice. He went to Paris in 1919 to create the League of Nations and shaped the Treaty of Versailles, with special attention on creating new nations out of defunct empires.

Largely for his efforts to form the League, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. In 1919, during the bitter fight with the Republican-controlled Senate over the U.S. joining the League of Nations, Wilson collapsed with a debilitating stroke. He refused to compromise, effectively destroying any chance for ratification. The League of Nations was established anyway, but the United States never joined. A Presbyterian of deep religious faith, he appealed to a gospel of service and infused a profound sense of moralism into Wilsonianism.

These are the facts that Glenn Beck cannot allow to get in the way of the narrative the he wants to create in the minds of his loyalist. It's a Fox News mantra. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story. Was Wilson the most regarded president to hold office, no! - But he wasn't the worst, was he?


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