Glenn Becks Creepy Comments About Going Blind

Posted: Friday, July 23, 2010 | Posted by Joel Krause | Labels: , ,

In the video clip below, Glenn Beck tells his audience about being diagnosed with macular dystrophy and how he my go blind within a year. The excerpt is a roller coaster ride between laughter and tears as Beck shares this potential tragedy with the audience, but there is something real creepy about the manner in which Beck goes from sobbing and being hardly able to speak, to delivering a comical punchline without any signs of sobbing in the same breath.

What is also creepy, but not all too surprising is Becks inability to rationalize this situation in a way that common logic would dictate. In a long drawn out moment of sobbing while attempted to regain his composure, Beck said (about his potential blindness) while still sobbing

"I know what my wife looks like, I know what my children look like, I have a great imagination, I know what color looks like, ( long pause of sobbing) but I love to read. (long pause) And I thought to myself in that time" Beck said emotionally, but then instantly turned off the sniffiling and finished with a comical punchline: "I'm too darn lazy to learn braille." He said.

I was still stuck on the part where Glenn had basically admitted that not being able to read books would be a greater loss to him than not seeing his wife or watching his children grow up. As if those things would be easier to come to terms with. At least I think that's what he was saying weather he meant it to come out that way or not. It just seems that Glenn Beck lacks the ability to see things in the way that most people would.

Actually, the whole scenario seems odd how Rush Limbaugh has already lost his hearing and now Glenn Beck my go blind. Maybe it's a sign from God! - But I'll tell you what...If Sean Hannity should suddenly lose his ability to speak, I would be convinced that divine intervention was at hand. These three hateful people punished by God and turned into a set of those three little monkeys that can see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil.



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