What Did Fox News Know, And When Did They Know It?

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What did Fox News know about the video clip sourced from Andrew Breitbart's BigGovernment.Com and when did they know it? - As unfair and unbalanced as Fox News repeatedly proves themselves to be, this recent debacle with the Shirley Sherrod story is a huge departure from spinning the narrative of a news story to disseminating political propaganda with the intent to disrupt the business of the Federal Government.

Setting aside what Fox News did or didn't know about the video clip, they did know that Andrew Breitbart has repeatedly demonstrated that he has no concern for the truth, and a well documented history of posting misleadingly edited videos.

Editing a video to shift it's context 180 degrees from the unedited version is only step one of the process, but that was apparently sufficient for the guilty person(s) that did this sloppy cut and paste job. But any legitimate news outlet or even a person with access to Google who watched the edited clip that Breitbart posted could have easily detected that his interpretation of it's context was false.

In the edited clip, Sherrod mentioned that Chapter 12 bankruptcy for family farms had just been enacted. One simple Google search would've revealed that the events Sherrod was recounting took place around 1986, nearly a quarter of a century before she even came to work for the USDA. So there is just two seconds of research that all legitimate news outlets do as a standard part of the process for reporting the news to their viewers.

Fox News obviously did not do this. If there is any real news to this story, it's that President Obama's well publicised view of Fox News as something other than a legitimate source for news and information is not just a controversial perception anymore. It's a documented fact thanks to Andrew Breitbart and Fox News themselves. Alas! - The Fox Cable Variety Show has a new banner.



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