Rachel Maddow: Rare 21st Century TV News Star, Un-Self -Absorbed Celebrity

Posted: Saturday, July 10, 2010 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels:

Rachel Maddow's rise to national celebrity has been delightful to watch. Though there are always skeptics in every bunch, the general concensus has always been that Dr. Maddow was going to be very good for MSNBC. While Fox News was getting rid of Alan Colmes to keep facts from getting in the way of their 2008 election coverage, MSNBC was getting more then even they could've imagined in Maddow.

In an atrical at with Market Watch, Jon Freidman said that Rachel Maddow was MSNBC's voice of reason. Friedman wrote about their morning breakfast meeting before the interview and how Rachel seemed a bit pizzled over why Market Watch wanted to interview her.

I think Friedman was right on target when he said that Maddow is a rare 21st-century TV news star and an un-self-absorbed celebrity. It's a good article that really sums up MSNBC's new voice of reason. I would further that by saying that Maddow is a good voice of reason for the country. In the video clip below, you can tell that she is highly educated by how easy she makes that one hour seem. As she said to Jon Friedman in the Market Watch piece, she presents "essays, which have a thesis, facts, analysis and conclusions. That way, I think, I don't invite pounding on the table or yelling at people." 

It's no wonder that Maddows arrival in cable news was followed by Glenn Beck transforming his prime time hour on Fox News  into a convaluted diversion via of chalkboards, dizzying flow charts, spontanious sobbing, and revisionist history lessons that haven't a God Damn thing to do with current events.

That being said, I'd cry too if I had lost all of my marbles and turned my daily prime time news show into something that now looks like a hybrid of Maury Povich and  Jerry Springer.


  1. ZenBonobo said...
  2. She has a refreshing directness and pointed wit that I remember from my mother. While many may comment with conjecture about just how much this fish needs a bicycle, I tend to identify with her complete cerebral human qualities. I likes her.

  3. Chico Brisbane said...
  4. As I said in my post. I think she drove Glenn Beck nuts and caused him to turn his show into Jerry Springer.

  5. Anonymous said...
  6. I think that Tim Russert was MSNBC's voice of reason and until Rachel came along, that was missing. Not that Chris Matthews isn't well rounded, but not in the way that Maddow is. She is well informed with the facts and that is why conservatives stay clear from her show. If they (republicans politicians) are on the right side of any issue, they'd have nothing to fear of an appearance on TMRS. Some have, but not nearly as many as dems that appear on Fox.

  7. Anonymous said...
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