Sarah Palin Has Another Katie Couric Moment On Fox News

Posted: Saturday, July 10, 2010 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels:

Once again, former Gov. Sarah Palin goes on tee-vee and stumbles for answers that she doesn't know.  Thankfully she was on Fox News and had Bill O'Reilly there to feed here the answers.

You can always tell when Palin is stalling for time because instead of answering the question, she'll have some other point that she want's to make first. Amazingly this happened with the very first question as you will see in the video after the jump.

Bill O'Reilly was hypothetically asking what she would do right away to secure the border.

Bill : So you're President of The United States. Sarah Palin. You send how many National Guard to border right away to secure it?

Palin: However many you you need, you, this this is a top priority, this is a National security issue."

Bill: Okay, so you'd send maybe the, fifteen thousand? ( long pause ) YES?

Palin: Whatever it takes.

Then Bill starts asking other questions for which Palin obviuosly doesn't have a clue. So what did Palin do? - She did what she always does. She tries to change the subject. In this case she quickly tries to get control of the interview because she wants to talk about why it's important to secure the border. It's most likely what she rehersed in the limo on the way to the studio.

The segment was about physically securing the border and what Palin doesn't understand is how rediculous she looks for trying to spout some talking points about illegal immigration. Everyone in the country knows why it's important to secure the border. The million dollar question was what she would do and it was clear that she didn't have a fucking clue.

HOW REDICULOUS! - I couldn't beleive it when she first wanted to explain why it's important to secure the border. She might as well have told Americans why it's important to look both ways before you cross the street.


  1. Chico Brisbane said...
  2. Beauty fades, dumb is forever.

  3. Anonymous said...
  4. I don't think Palin is dumb, I think she's ignorant.

  5. Anonymous said...
  6. wants, not want's. It's not that difficult. And yes, Palin is an idiot.

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