Sarah Palin's Mama Grizzly Ad Is Proof That She Is In For 2012, Sort Of?

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Sarah Palin's "Mama Grizzlies" online video ad was undoubtedly a smoke signal for campaign season, but not as a candidate for any particular public office. With all of the attributes of a political campaign video, Palin's "Mama Grizzlies" clip is cleaver video resume for a political consultant looking for work.

If that is indeed it's underlying intent, it was a good idea. Sarah Palin my not be qualified in her lifetime to become the president of the united states, but she is most certainly qualified for the arena of political consulting. Let's face it, the women can attract crowds by the thousands regardless of her qualifications or lack thereof for high office.

However, having the ability to prompt that many people to show up at one place at the same time on behalf of an even moderately qualified candidate is a valuable asset. For as critical as I have been of Sarah Palin's lack of qualifications for high office, she is well qualified if the task is to draw crowds on behalf of someone that may be even moderately qualified.

And what works in Palin's favor unlike the Karl Roves, David Axlerods, and James Carville's in the political consulting world is that Palin has the ability to champion her candidate on stage as well as behind the scenes.
With women voters often being the deciding factor in the success or failure of male and female candidates alike, the "Mama Grizzly" approach is a well planned strategy. It was women voters that answered the call for President Obama, Senator Kay Hangen, and Gov. Bev Perdue in 2008. Unless Palin has taken inventory of her mistakes from 2008, she could easily destroy the one career in politics where she does posses unique qualifications.

I would just say to here: REMEMBER THE PUMA'S ! ! - The "Party Unity My Ass!" group of bitterly disenfranchised Hillary Clinton supporters united in shunning the democratic party for pulling the rug out from under the women everyone believed to be a shoe-in for the democratic nomination.

These PUMA women were the basis for Sen. John McCain's selecting Palin in the first place. He believed women would come running the moment that he introduced Palin at the RNC convention, and for a moment they did respond. But then the Katie Couric interview happened, followed by the Charlie Gibson interview, which was followed by a second disastrous interview with Katie Couric. However, by election night the PUMA'S realized that Sarah Palin was no Hillary Clinton.

Palin's reluctance to fade quietly into that political goodnight reminds me of a longtime friend of mine. She went college and never wanted to leave. She has a half dozen degrees on the wall, but still works behind the sales counter at Macy's Department Store while she "finishes" college. My friend is a professional student.
She might sing a convincing tune about several careers in the fields of law, medicine, business, and finance for which she is already qualified. But what makes her most content in life is the never ending quest for knowledge and the experience of going to college and being well respected among her academic equals.

Likewise, in the case of Sarah Palin, she my toss out a hint here and there about future runs for office, but her desire for actually holding public office may have faded after 2008. I think that was evident by how quickly she left office as Governor of Alaska following the election. Like my friends addiction to the college experience, Sarah Palin has become addicted to the excitement of a national campaign and all of attention that comes along with. She became swept up by private jets, limousines, 5 star hotels, and crowds of people numbering in the thousands that have come to see her.

If there is a place in national politics for Sarah Palin, this is it. The question is will it be enough to sustain her passion over the long haul, or will she become bored and disinterested when it's no longer the bright shiny penny that it once was.

That is exactly what happened to her job as Governor of Alaska. Upon her return to from the campaign around the country and with folks clamoring at her feet, being Governor of Alaska could not feed the addiction to being so widely recognized regardless of context. There was now way that Palin was going to just walk away from all of that to stick around the Governors office while her popularity faded away to where it was before the campaign. Compared to life on the campaign trail and trips to Sac's Fifth Avenue, sticking around to complete he term as Governor was as exciting as the cosmetics counter at Macy's is to my friend, or even less. To an ego maniac like Palin, it might as well have been the cosmetics aisle at Walgreen's.

Either way, it will be interesting to see how much Palin can extract from all of this. She's made more money since coming off the campaign then shes made in the years prior.  And Glenn Beck says that we're no longer a capitalist society. Phooey!
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  2. are you nuts? any candidate would be just as crazy to let that stupid bitch anywhere near their campaign!

  3. Anonymous said...
  4. You are the one that is nuts. Sarah Palin as already sucessfully endorsed several candidates that campaigned against the Obama regime

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