Army Pvt. Bradley Manning's Sexuality A Component To WikiLeaks Drama

Posted: Saturday, August 7, 2010 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: ,

Army Pvt. Bradley Manning's sexuality has surfaced in the WikiLeaks investigation and acccording to a friend, Manning's harrassment in boot camp is surfacing as a potential reason for his actions. He said that he and Manning met in a Washington D.C. gay bar and while their relationship was initially physical, they have become good friends. It was through this friend that Manning's alleged harrassment in boot camp surfaced.

CNN investigates Manning's troubled past in the U.K. following his parents divorce. A few a Manning's prep school classmates where tracked down in the U.K. and they described him as someone who would stick up for himself in a fight even if he knew that he would lose the battle. Another described Manning's ability to run complex computer code as young as age 14 or 15 and described him as talanted.

Manning has been directly accused of leaking an Army video to WiliLeaks. He is also suspected of leaking thousands of classified documents that appeared on WikiLeaks around the same time.

Should it come to pass that Manning is in fact guilty, and the reason for his actions are over boot camp harrassment and his opposition for Don't Ask, Don't Tell, he just handed the opposition a ton of red meat for keeping gays out of the military.

I'm just going to hope that this is all some sort of mistake at that Manning had nothing to do with leaking this video. Because no matter how distrubing the video is that Manning is accused of handing over to WikiLinks, there is no valid justification for it, especially not boot camp harrassment or an idiodic Military policy like DADT.


  1. Anonymous said...
  2. Normally I'd hem you up right from the start because PFC Manning's sexuality shouldn't be an issue, but if it's true that he leaked the video because of DADT or harrassment he got a bootcamp, then this his sexuality is going to be front and center in thsi deal from start to finish.

    As for what's on the video, I won't even begin to second guess what any member of our military does on the battle field no matter how horrific it may seem. Unless someone has the balls to pick up a rifle and go over there and get knee deep bloody bull shit like that, they need to shut the fuck up! - Because that they don't shit about it.

  3. sk said...
  4. how dare you say that the army is evil and goerge bush and barrack obama are war criminals and should both be hung until dead. and so should the people in the video pvt manning released. pvt manning is a hero for releasing that video and if he released the war logs that makes him even more of a hero where as bush and obama commit tourture and murder on innocent people everyday for oil

  5. Anonymous said...
  6. Dear Anonymous,
    just two questions:

    1) What takes more "balls"? Being willing to recieve a metal? Or being willing to go to prision for the rest of your life?

    2) Regarding the second paragraph you wrote: if that same paragraph was written by someone else in a different situation: lets say, a Chinese person (regarding military action in Tibet), or a Muslim (regarding "holy war"), what would your reaction be?

  7. Anonymous said...
  8. Why do you allow anonymous posts? Because you're making a lot of this crap up yourself! Haaaah! We're onto you!

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