Shepard Smith = Marilyn Munster: The Only Pretty One In A House Full of Freaks

Posted: Sunday, March 6, 2011 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , , ,

The definition of Shepard Smith "going rogue" is when he inserts facts into his news reporting and agrees with popular opinion.

Of course this type of constructive journalism always results in the sycophantic viewership of Fox News calling for Smiths immediate termination.

When Smith dropped the "F" bomb during his infamous "WE DON'T FUCKING TORTURE!" outburst, the video hit YouTube and the right-wing distain for Smith was immediate. A commentor on the Fox News website called Smith a "mamby-pamby closet liberal." and question why "Fox still has him on the air."

Pamela Geller, editor of the Atlas Shrugs Website, thrashed Smith in a June post on World Net Daily by writing that Smith was "torturing conservatives" and that "Shepard Smith has got to go." Another blogger dismissed him as a "cowardly narcissist."

When discussing the Wisconsin union workers protest with guest Juan Williams, Smith said that "to pretend that this is about a fiscal crisis in the State of Wisconsin is malarkey." Williams did not disagree with Smith, but nevertheless warned Smith that he will be upsetting many viewers by presenting the facts. Smith brushed it off by saying that "facts are troublesome creatures sometimes." as shown in the clip below.


Jon Stewart, host of "The Daily Show," dubbed Smith "the black Shep of the Fox family" for his fair & balanced reporting on the presidential campaign. Stewart said the Fox anchor had gone rogue by taking Joe The Plumber to task over his "Obama = the death of Israel" comment as shown in the clip below.

As I recently commented on a post over at NewsHounds. I pointed out how Shepard Smith is the only on-air personality at Fox News that lends a smidge of credibility to the entire network. Smith has been at Fox News from it's inception in 1996 and that's why calls for his ouster are soundly rejected time-after-time. However, I do beleive that there is an obvious method to the madness on the part of Fox News programming executives when it comes to Smith's style compared to that of his Fox counterparts.

For me, watching Shepard Smith apply his craft on the Fox News Channel, is like watching old episodes of the 60's tee-vee classic "The Munsters." In this case, Shepard Smith is obviously playing the role of Marilyn Munster. How intertaining it was then, as it is today, to watch a lone pretty person co-exist amongst a house full of freaks.


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  2. So true :)

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  4. FREAKS? that's too kind. How about Radical Racist Revolutionaries.

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  6. "Radical Racist Revolutionaries." So is the RRR the new KKK? Is that what you're saying.

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