Harry Reid, Rahm Emanuel Benefit From Tabloid Peddler Who Disses Obama

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It is not suprising that the publisher of grocery store and newsstand garbage like The Globe, The National Enquirer, and Star Magazine is a Pecker. No seriously! - David J. Pecker is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of American Media, Inc .

American Media, Inc. (AMI) is the leading publishing company in the celebrity journalism and health & fitness categories. In the past 7 years, AMI has grown to become the 4th largest consumer magazine publisher in the country, and #2 in retail magazine sales. Our 16 titles reach over 50 million readers and we publish 6 of the top 15 best selling weekly newsstand titles in the country.

I was very upset by the cover of the globe shown at the top of this post. While tee-vee and movie celebrities except this type of garbage as the nature of the beast, I think that the President of The United States should not be subjected to such rediculous commentary. In my browsing of the websites of some of these tabloids, I found that other political figures have been targets and include: former President George W. Bush, Sen. John McCain, and former Gov. Sarah Palin.

Regardless of my opinion of George W. Bush, he was the president of this country for 8 years and at a minimun, derseves his privacy now that he's out of office. Not to be accused of going on drinking binges and reports that hes has become suicidal after leaving office.

That being said, hold on to your hats, because what I discovered in reasearching American Media for this blog post, left me feeling sick and queezy. While looking into Mr. Peckers SEC filing and particularly campaign contributions, it read like a who's-who of Capitol Hill with none
other then
Harry Reid and Rahm Emanuel at the top of the list.

A June 24, 2009 SEC filing shows that Pecker made a $2,400 contribution to FRIENDS FOR HARRY REID and then on September 6, 2008 Pecker made a $1000 contribution to FRIENDS OF RAHM EMANUEL.

David Pecker's SEC Filing for Harry Reid HERE
David Pecker's SEC Filing for Rahm Emanuel HERE

Other beneficiaries of the generous Pecker:

Charles Schumer (D),

Robert Wexler(D),

Christie Todd Whitman(R),

Steve Forbes (R),

Jeb Hensarling (R),

Robert F. Bennett (R),

Ben Nelson (D),

Christopher (Kit) Bond, etal.

Since 1989, David J. Pecker as contributed overwhelmingly to Democrats, but not to the Democratic Party itself. The Republican Party isn't much of a beneficiary since receiving only a measly $500 on June 18, 2002 and another $270 on Denember 9, 2002.

Here are some of American Media's other publications online:Health & Fitness:
Fit Pregnancy Flex Men's Fitness Muscle & Fitness Muscle & Fitness Hers Natural Health Shape Country Weekly National Enquirer Star

I planned on going into depth with this blog post, but I'm going to have to leave it here. I wann't to get started on a few emails to Harry Reid and Rahm Enamuel fortwith!!!!!!!

Chico Brisbane.


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