DC Tea Party Attracts Glenn Beck Fans & Fellow Art Critic Hobbiest

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The sight of tens of thousands of people showing up in Washington to protest anything is a healthy sign that democracy is alive and well in America. Weather it's a fight for civil rights and the moving "I Have A Dream" speech delivered by Dr. King or the protest against the Viet Nam War, which brought thousands to Washington in protest. Everyone has a right to support or oppose any cause and many will have different reasons for doing so.

This weekend thousands decended on Washington in a protest against "Big Government" and "Higher Taxes." or at least that's how it was reported. However, as you start to read the signs being held and hear some of these "regular Americans" in their own words, it's hard to overlook the fact that higher taxes and big government are only symbols of thier opposition. They are reasons to assemble with like minded thinkers where they can energize eact other and in many cases, introduce eact other into even more extreme rhetoric.

Think Progress posted an eyeopening video of a man interviewed not just about his reasons for taking part in the protest, but also about the content of the sign that he was holding. I would assume that he created the sign, although it's not confirmed that he did. However, the man seemed to articulate it's meaning in a way that would lead most people to assume that he made the sign. Particularly since the man supported and echoed Glenn Beck's belief that President Obama is a racist.

Beck, who helped initiate the idea for the rally, has come under fire for stating Obama has a “deep-seated hatred for white people.” Take a look at the video below as an attendee offers an whacky art critique like the one that Glenn Beck gave during a segment last week where he tried to paint the artwork at Rockeller Plaza as communist propaganda and that John D. Rockefeller Jr. was a comminust sympathizer.

John D. Rockerfeller Jr. dedicated his life to pholanthropy. Infact, the constuction of Rockerfeller Center took place during the worst years of the Great Depression and where responsible for putting some 40,000 New Yorkers to work during one of the darkest periods in American history.

There were several hate groups among the various corporate and Republican organizations paying FreedomWorks to help finance the rally. The National Association for Rural Landowners, a bronze sponsor, references the incidents at Waco and Ruby Ridge to call for attacks on “government entities” and liberals.

In a YouTube video posted in July, the group makes the case for a secession, followed by a violent civil war. Another 9/12 cosponsor, FreeRepublic, is a forum for various radical right causes and as ThinkProgress reported, the shooter at the Holocaust museum found a welcome audience for his writings on the website.


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