Sarah Palin's Contribution To Pop-Culture In America

Posted: Sunday, September 13, 2009 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , , ,

I think that Tina Fey's parody of Sarah Palin will go down in history as what is most memorable about the woman herself. A crafty hockey mom and two term Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska and just shy of a full term as the remote state's Governor.

Perhaps Palin's own failure as a Governor will overshadow her shared failure with Sen. John McCain - (R-AZ) and the crushing defeat of thier 2008 "Country First" campaign. Infact, many have said that still referring to it as a campaign in itself, is an act of kindness.

Tina Fey received an Emmy Award yesterday for her Saturday Night Live portrayals of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. Accepting her sixth Emmy, Fey thanked her parents, "
who are lifelong Republicans, for their patience."

"Mrs. Palin is an inspiration to working mothers everywhere because she bailed on her job right before Fourth of July weekend," Fey added. "You are living my dream. Thank you, Mrs. Palin."

And I say BRAVO! to Tina Fey for thanking Palin for her contribution to such high recognition. Perhaps Tina Fey's Emmy Award can become Sarah Palin biggest contribution to popular culture in America. What Laugh-In is to President Nixon's "Sock It To Me!" - Saturday Night Live will be to Sarah Palin's "And also too?

Congratulation to Tina and Sarah. - You both make me laugh hysterically, and it's so healthy to laugh.

Chico Brisbane


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