Scripted Outrage Still Headlining At Tea Baggers & Townhalls

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During a townhall meeting hosted by Sen. Arlen Spector, a local woman and closet community organizer with ties to Glenn Becks 9/12 Project, asked Spector what he "planned on doing to return the country back to the way our founding fathers intended it to be according to the constitution.

Her name was Katy Abram and as a last little dig, she told Spector that George Washington would be rolling over in his grave if he could see what's happening to the country. Now there was a good question! - What has happened to the country in the short 6 months that Barack Obama has been in office?

Where were these people during the 8 years that the previous Bush administration was "systematically dismantling." the country, which is a quote that Abram used in reference to President Obama's agenda.

There is a common theme in the rhetoric among some of the most outspoken healthcare protesters that defies coincidence. Not only do the questions sound similar, but in several instances they are asked in the same chronological order. In the video clip above, you can see that thier questions are being rescited from a script in the protesters hand.

If that's the case, these people aren't protesters or even activist for that matter, they're messengers. In the case of Katy Abram, it's been pretty well confirmed that Glenn Beck is her scriptwriter.

Is Obama so powerful that over the course of 7 months, he has managed to push the country to the brink of socialism? - Has Obama managed to initiate his radical agenda to the point where people have honestly been able to rationalize carrying a fully loaded pistol or a revolver, or even an AK-47 maching gum to a townhall meeting? - Has President Obama really managed to pull-off so many changes in such a short time?

They parrot the words of Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, Palin, etal. - Words like Socialism, Communism, Marxism, Hitler, Nazi, Facism, Eugenics. Yet townhall video clip after video clip, you see these protesters being interviewed and more often then not, they are completely unable to articulate the sign in they're own hand."

"Sir, why do you think President Obama is a Marxist?"

"Because he is."

"What specifically has he done that you consider Marxism?"


"Well...can you give me some examples?"

"You know? - Big bail outs, He tookover the auto industry, Now he's trying to takeover healthcare."

"Well, what about the $700 billion stimulus package that President Bush signed?"

"That's what saved us. Now Obama is ruining all of the good stuff that President Bush did for this country and that kept us safe from another terrorist attack. Obama wants to close Gitmo and bring all of the terrorist here to the USA and then let them go right in our own backyards."

"So now that the Big-3 auto makers have been taken over by the Government, doesn't that mean that all of the auto workers are federal employees? - If so, shouldn't they be allowed to sign up for Government run healthcare like every other federal employee?"

"I guess we're going to have to let them! - And we'll have to do the same thing if he takesover healthcare too."

While our founding fathers where fairly successful in their forward looking approach to drafting the U.S. Constitution, they could never have imagined 2009 in their wildest dreams. Hell, they couldn't have imagined 1909 for that matter.

The Founders' vision was of a republic of self-reliant farmers and small-town tradesmen. The last thing they wanted was for New York to become the London of the New World—a mammon-worshiping metropolis in which financial capital and political capital were rolled into one.

That was why there was such resistance to creating a central bank, and why—despite two attempts—we have no Bank of the United States to match the Bank of England. That was why populists railed against the adoption of the gold standard after the crash of 1873. That was why there was so much suspicion when the Federal Reserve System was created in 1913. That was why government regulation of Wall Street was so strict from the Depression until the 1970s.

I haven't seen Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, or Sean Hannity showing up to fight the good fight with all of those that they've rallied to go and speakout on their behalf. I mean when you earn between $15 and $20 million dollars a year, is there really any kind of recession or depression that could effect you in the way that it would a person that earns an average income of $50,000 to $60,000 per year? - or even two or three time more then that?

There are only two possibilities. Either the multi-millionairs Beck, Hannity, and Limbaugh are such rightous humanitarians that they have dedicated their lives to defending the average American. from circumstances that simply wouldn't effect them.

- OR -

Beck & Friends have simply managed to reach that unsophisticated segment of society whom are easily drawn to snake oil salesmen like a moth to a flame. Is it any coincidence that so many of these "protestors" are still describing a public option as a takeover of the medical insurance industry.

I spoke with one Tea Bagger today who believes that President Obama and the United States Government have already seized control of the American Auto Industry and since all of the workers are now federal employees, we'll have to provide then with gov't run healthcare. He said that we'll have to do that same thing if Obama is successful in taking Government control of the Medical Insurance Indusrty as well.


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