Healthcare Without A Public Option Is Not Reform

Posted: Wednesday, September 9, 2009 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , , ,

If President Obama thinks for one second that the public option is an option, then he has greatly underestimated the core of the party that handed him the 2008 election. Healthcare reform with a mandate, but without a public option would force Americans to purchase medical insurance from the vary companies that have been fleecing America for decades.

I would hope that every democrat out there would send a clear message to the democratic majority, that any democrat who votes for a bill with out a public option is a democrats who is serving his or her last term in office. I would sooner take George W. Bush and Dick Cheney by the hand and march them right back into the White House before I would ever accept healthcare reform without
a public option.

If a public option is not viable at this time then this administration needs to come to terms with the fact that once again, the right has successfully killed health care reform. It is really that simple and should this be the case, the blame lay squarely at the feet of President Obama. For all of his oratorical ability, this President remained silent while the very industry we where fighting filled town hall meetings with staged outrage.

President Obama needs to understand that he has been handed the key to the city and to stop acting like he’s just passing through.


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