Kerry To Cheney: STFU Over Afghanistan Already

Posted: Tuesday, October 27, 2009 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , ,

If Barack Obama and Joe Biden are not re-elected to a second term, I hope they will both stay in Washington so that they can continue to give thier daily critiques and criticisms to the incoming administration via the Sunday morning politicos.

Oh yes! - I can hear O'Reilly already demanding that Obama and Biden fade quietlty into the night out of respect for President Fiorina and Vice Presdient Palin

O'REILLY: April, 2013

"Former President Obama and former Vice President Biden are once again breaking historical new ground with their unwanted and un-needed critiques and criticisms of the newly elected administration.

President Fiorina and Vice President Palin are two of the most intallectual women of our times, and I cannot recall any previous administration using the Sunday morning talk shows to interject their opinion. It's outragious! - Once the new administration is sworn in, the previous administation has a

duty to shut up and get the hell out of town as quickly as possibe.
Now of course the loons in the far left liberal media are trying to portray the late Vice President Cheney's valuable input as meddling.

But they seem to have forgotten that the only reason that any American still walks the earth is because George Bush and Dick Cheney kept The Homeland safe from another terrorist attack after the Sept. 11, 2001 that was plotted and planned under former president Clinton's administration.

I think that John Kerry got it just right and I can hardley wait to see how he will respond to Kerry's ball-buster. I'm sure he'll probably have his daughter Liz fighting his battles for him. He's mearly a shell of the war criminal that we all remember.


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