Sen. Paul Wellstones Death Not An Accident?

Posted: Wednesday, October 28, 2009 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , , , ,

I ran across this video and was amazed by it's implication. I had the pleasure of meeting Sen. Wellstone in 1996 at the corner of 9th and Marquette one day as I was leaving work.

While there has always those that never believed that Sen. Wellstones plane crash was an accident, they were quickly disregarded as kooks.
However, fast-forward nearly a decade and look at the Mafioso mentality that has been uncovered and running rampant within the ranks of the Republican Party. We now know just a taste of what has taken place in the Bush - Cheney Crime Syndicate, so it is now a safe assumption that anything is possible when it comes to these crazy mother fuckers.
Now it seems that the Fox News Channel is more then happy to openly pick up the torch where Cheney left it still burning and ready to destroy everything in it's path.


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