To Sarah Palin: Levi Isn't Lying, Is He?

Posted: Wednesday, October 28, 2009 | Posted by Chico Brisbane | Labels: , , , ,

The moment that I heard about what Levi Johnston said on CBS' Early Show Wednesday about the former Alaska Governor, I didn't doubt it for a second. Although I don't think it was said in a hateful way as much as an inappropriate way.
Nevertheless, knowing that this woman has a screw loose has never been a secret to me. Johnston explained his reasons for spilling unflattering information about the Palin family and said he was keeping some "huge" secrets.

The shocker was when he said that Sarah Palin joked about her baby's mental retardation by calling him her "retarded baby." He also said Bristol took care of the baby much more than her mother: "Sarah was never home."

Johnston also said that Todd and Sarah would fight in front of their kids. He said he was going public because the Palins betrayed him and backstabbed him: "I really don't care anymore ... Now it's my turn ... I told a little bit of stuff, and you know, I'm just not going to take it anymore."

"If she's going to go out there and say things to me, about me, I'm going to leak some things on her. I mean that's just how it is," he said. He said that there are things he won't say that would hurt Palin. "I'm not gonna go that far," he said.

In recent weeks Johnston has seized the media spotlight, after the announcement that the 19-year-old plans to pose nude in an upcoming issue of Playgirl magazine.

The Washington Post offers more of the CBS interview:
When asked whether he resents Palin, Johnston says, "Well now I've heard all the things she's said.
You know, the Sarah Palin I knew before, it was -- it was her putting on a front, it was her being fake to me and now that everything's slowly coming out and I'm hearing more things, you know, and things she's said and done, you know, I see the real Palin," Levi responds, before stepping through the looking glass.


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