Sean Hannity Goes All In For Palin......Alone!

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Inspite of 75% of America thinking that Sarah Palin not being qualified to be President of The United States, Sean Hannity thinks that Palin would not only make a better president, but that she's smarter......really? -

President Obama is considered by many to be, academically and intellectually, one of the smartest presidents to ever take office -- true or not, it's indisputable that he is well-educated.

Even Fox News contributor Juan Williams couldn't stomach Hannity's gushing over Sarah Palin's appearance on Jay Leno's show. Hannity said: ". . . I think she's gone a long way to opening the door for people to say, all right, maybe she was treated unfairly." as if defending herself from her own stupidity was an accomplishment.

Williams conceded that she was "very human and funny . . . I think she is a superstar, a centerfold for conservative men," but went on to say that she's not likely to convince 75% of the American public who don't think she's qualified to be president. Hannity went all in and said: "I think she's brilliant, I think she's gutsy, I think she's courageous, and I'll tell you what, I think she's smarter than Barack Obama. She wouldn't lead us into this socialist utopia . . . ."

Smarter than Barack Obama? Five colleges in six years to get a bachelors degree? Couldn't explain the office of Vice President of the United States -- the job she was applying to the American public for -- four times? And those "gotcha" interviews with Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson . . . whew, sharp intellect are not the words that instantly spring to mind.

Juan Williams reacted the way many Americans react to this statement, except he didn't keep his composure to a limit as most of Hannity's Great American Panel. "You are so wild on this point," he told Hannity, ". . . Your libido is . . . getting in the way of your thinking."

Hannity insisted that he'd take "Governor Palin as President over Barack Obama, to which Williams incredulously replied, "Come on . . . You would trust her with our national security over Barack Obama . . . you'd rather listen to her explain national policy than Barack Obama?" This earned an emphatic "yes" from Hannity -- which goes to show that thinking with a libido doesn't merely interfere with thinking, it turns men of otherwise average intelligence into blithering idiots. I mean, come on -- it was on Hannity's own show that Palin seemed to not know the difference between Iran and Iraq.

Hannity, accused by Williams of being "self-righteous," protested that Williams was trying to diminish Palin, and claimed, "What if I started commenting on Michelle Obama's looks? . . . We don't go after Barack Obama's wife and what she wears and her clothes . . . nobody does." Wow, then this must have been somebody pretending to be Sean Hannity on Sean Hannity's radio show who ridiculed Michelle Obama's clothes when she went overseas and claimed she was wearing designer clothes so people would call her "Jackie Kennedy." Of course, in his defense, most of his smears have nothing to do with clothing, like when he implied that Michelle was a racist, unpatriotic, and said she was "bitter and angry."

(And as an aside, Williams can't exactly take the high road on this one either. He's slammed Michelle Obama on more than one occasion, at one time saying she has "this Stokely Carmichael-in-a-designer-dress thing going" and that she could be a "liabilit[y]" or an "albatross" for President Obama.)

Hannity protested, "She's smart enough not to dig us into this hole of socialism, she's smart enough not to cut our nukes in half, smart enough not to negotiate with Iran without preconditions, smart enough to understand capitalism works over socialism . . . ."

"She's smart enough not to cut our nukes in half," bleated Hannity. Hannity is, of course, no military expert, and never even served in the military -- but he apparently believes he and little Sarah know more about nuclear weapons than, say, "Retired U.S. generals and admirals [who] have repeatedly advocated junking all nuclear weapons, calling them ruinously expensive and of no military value." And, although Republicans are professing fear at the nuclear threat from North Korea and Iran, and "accuse Obama of near treason for having even considered junking America’s huge nuclear arsenal," the truth is that "North Korea has no long-ranged nuclear capability and wants nukes for defence against a possible U.S. nuclear attack . . . Iran has no nuclear weapons as of now and poses no threat to the distant U.S."

It was Juan Williams who left Hannity with nothing to say but a sarcastic "Okay" when Williams closing comment was that Palin was, "Smart enough to quit on the voters of Alaska before her term was up."

Palin herself during her Tonight Show appearance said that she was glad that she wasn't Vice President because she wouldn't know what to do with all of the free time.....


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